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effective world lecturing at the Seville Chamber of Commerce


Cámara de Comercio - effective Sevilla 28/09/2011


On September 27th and 28th, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping had arranged a two-day workshop under the topic "Industrial Diversification" in the Spanish province, Seville. The event was supported by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, as well as the European Social Fund (ESF), to address local companies in and around Seville.


Through the lecture "Online Marketing Industries", effective world demonstrated its ability as an accomplished international Online Marketing service provider and how it had benefited from long-term relations with its multinational customers.


The Managing Director of the Spanish subsidiary of effective world, Gordana Majnaric, led interested participants through various topics, such as the findability and marketing of B2B websites in an international environment or in specific customer segments (e.g. location and culture). Yet another focus of the talk was on the issue of controlling the performed campaigns in order to assure business objectives, such as increase in sales and brand building, especially in the context of international diversification of the markets.


effective world would like to thank Jose María Vega of Ressort International, who was also the promoter of the workshop, for the invitation to this successful event. 


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