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“effective intercultural training” – developing essential skills for a global future


Katharina Hoffmann, a student from the Department of International Communications, University for Applied Science Ludwigshafen, is at the same time working for the headquarters of effective world in Mannheim Germany. This August, according to the requirements of her course and the actual needs of the company, she will have the opportunity to travel to effective world Singapore to directly support her local colleagues in the area of business development in Southeast Asia. Her Professor Ms Kathrin Paul also visited effective Shanghai branch during her days in China with the renowned scholar in “customer relationship management” Mr. Gerhard Raab.

As a multinational company providing international online marketing service, it is increasingly important for effective world to improve the cross-cultural communication skill of its employees. ‘Cross-cultural communication skill’ or, also called ‘intercultural communication skill’ is not as simple as mastering several languages at all. With the development of business, more and more effective branches have been established in different countries. More and more people from diverse cultural backgrounds have been joining the team. How to make better use of this multi-cultural existence, even achieve mastery through establishing a mechanism to encourage such communication within the company, at the same time enabling our clients worldwide to benefit from it. This is one of the most important issues being discussed now in effective companies.

In addition to the establishment of the effective Institute Of Intercultural Competence, there has already been more and more internal communication among effective companies. Programs such as employee exchanges between the European and Asian branches, or company organized vacations in other effective company’s countries, has managed to enhance mutual understanding, and improve an employee’s intercultural communication skill and working ability. More importantly, the skills learnt through these valuable experiences will be brought further into working with the clients.

The business environment of effective world has met the necessary requirements for international business personnel training. Therefore, like BASF, SAP and other famous international companies, the headquarters of effective world in Mannheim has signed a partnership agreement with the Business and International Programs of the University for Applied Science Ludwigshafen, in order to help the university provide opportunities for the international business students, to get professional practices in a truly international environment.




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