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effective’s Visit to Ghana


Togbui Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah is 62 years old, owner and head of a vehicle workshop in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany and he is King.

His life story is a rare one to hear: As a young man Céphas Bansah came to Germany in 1970 as an exchange student, to undergo a training in Agricultural Machinery Mechanics in Ludwigshafen.


In 1992, after the death of his grandfather, the former king, he received a fax in which he was asked to take the throne. At that point, Céphas Bansah had already done his masters, and had set up his own auto repair shop and started a family – leading a regular life in Germany.

Since his coronation, he has been following and carrying out events in his home country from his permanent residence in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, by mail, telephone and fax.


The king looks after the welfare of his people and has made numerous donations of money and supplies from Germany to fund projects. Schools, bridges and hospitals have been built and continue to be, and the improvement of water supply is an on-going project.

Our colleague from Mannheim, Seda Sirin, travelled with Céphas Bansah to Ghana to get a clear picture of the situation there. In her luggage were: laptops, cell phones, clothing and new soccer jerseys for the royal soccer team.

“People here do not have obvious things, like decent clothes or running water. The decision of an international company to help them, albeit on a small scale, I think is very appropriate and important. Laptops, for example, are much needed in schools. Without the proper equipment, an IT course would be unthinkable.”


The people in Ghana share our love for soccer. Wherever you look, fields are temporarily turned into soccer fields by children and teenagers. Whether with Coke cans and leather balls, they played with anything as long as “the ball rolls”.


In general, each village has its own soccer team, which then competes against teams from other villages. The royal team however recently has a significant advantage. After the final whistle, and the Royal team won by 2-1, it was clear that the victory must have been inherent in the jerseys.


"The opportunity to travel with the king and get personal insights into the everyday lives of the people was unique. I want to thank him for this wonderful experience."

A branch in Ghana is not yet planned, but what is not, can still be ...


Ghana_effective_Soccer_Team     Ghana_effective_Soccer_Team
Ghana_effective_Soccer_Team     Ghana_effective_Soccer_Team
Left: effective Team with King Bansah and Seda Sirin | Right: King Bansah with Keeper
Ghana_effective_Soccer_Team     Ghana_effective_Soccer_Team
Football game in effective jerseys in Hohoe*

Hohoe located in eastern Ghana on the Volta Lake, not far from the border with Togo and now has almost 40,000 inhabitants.






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